Realtek 8139 with rl(4) driver -> Poor performance

Gabriel Lavoie glavoie at
Sun Nov 16 15:28:02 PST 2008

     I recently built a new system to use as a home server. This system has
an Intel Pentium Dual Core E5200, 4GB RAM and an Asus P5KPL-CM motherboard
which has an Atheros L1E network adapter, not yet supported on FreeBSD. For
now, I use a Realtek 8139 PCI adapter that uses the rl(4) driver, but the
upload performances are really poor (under 1 MB/sec). Is there any way to
improve the performance with this driver? This adapter was in a Linux system
with a Pentium III processor before and I could upload/download at around 10
MB/sec in my local network with no problem at all.


Gabriel Lavoie
glavoie at

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