HW VLAN Filtering on FreeBSD 6.3 + 7.0

Yony Yossef yonyossef.lists at gmail.com
Sun Nov 16 04:27:38 PST 2008

>  > I would like to enable my NIC HW VLAN filtering, is there any way for
> my
> > driver to access the OS vlan table? (something like vlan_group_get_device
> on
> > linux)
> >
> > I understood from previous investigation that on FreeBSD 6.3 and 7.0
> there's
> > no ioctl informing the driver of vlan addition/removal. Is that correct?
> Man pages to check out: vlan(4) and ifconfig(8).  I'm pretty sure the
> vlan tagging feature is per-driver.

> Also, the vlan(4) list of supported drivers is out of date (for example,
> em(4) is missing), so be sure to check the man page of your NIC driver.

Sorry, i explained myself pretty bad. I'm working on an Ethernet driver for
The VLAN hw tagging is already working properly, but my nic is capable of
holding a vlan table on hw, filtering vlans on it's own.
I need to find a way to update that hw table.
one way is to recieve a ioctl from the OS of it's vlan table event (add,
remove). I can't find such ioctl.
second is to have a direct access from the driver to the OS vlan table. I'm
not familiar with the interface or if it's possible at all, and that is my
actual question.


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