new little feature for sendmail

Eugene Grosbein eugen at
Sun Nov 9 07:05:21 PST 2008


Please give me advice on how to contribute new small feature
to sendmail vendor code? I've discussed it in comp.mail.sendmail,
it adds new flag -F to socketmap definition so ruleset may tell
socketmap's permanent lookup failure (PERM) from 'not found' (NOTFOUND)
error, for example:

Kcyrus socket -a<OK> -F<NOTFOUND> -T<TMPF> local:/var/imap/socket/smmapd

I've sent the patch and its description to sendmail-2008@ mailing list
at but have not received a response.
I do not even know if it has passed to the list or not,
I have not found a web archive of the list.

Usenet discussion of a problem and patch may be seen here:

Eugene Grosbein

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