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Thu Nov 6 08:15:17 PST 2008


some might have wondered about lots of small commits I have done the
last two days.

I had been trying to compile a kernel without any networking a few
weeks ago and that failed; I had needed to add (I think it was) INET,
ether and loop.

So I had been trying to get rid of that requirement the last days.
As a partial victory it seems to be possible again to build a kernel
without any networking now. I'll have to check with my original setup
but I have a stripped down LINT file I tested with.

Obviously the long term goal is to be able to build a kernel without
INET support (again?). As an intermediate step that will mean without
INET and INET6 and once that works and IPX only would compile *cough*,
then work on a (LINT) kernel with nooption INET.

It'll be a long long way to go and this is nothing to finish within a
week or two.  Do not think about doing a quick sweep over the rest
of the tree.  You would wonder what depends on INET these days. I have
more patches mailed out or pending here.

While we had been trying to make it possible to build without INET6
most of the time, someone doing review on my code told me that if
compaining about 'kernel needs INET' I should put some code under
#ifdef INET. I did.

The bottom line is that I now ask you to consider this for all new
code as well.

I am very well aware that some code, as is, would already require a
maze of #ifdefs (I have a sample of that) so we need to be careful
and apply the checks sensibly.


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