CARP and L2 src-MAC

Jon Otterholm jon.otterholm at
Thu Nov 6 01:18:29 PST 2008


We have a situation where we want to use CARP in a TPSDA-network and got
some problems. 

The master CARP router ARP response contains the correct virtual MAC but
uses the physical interface MAC in L2 header. This is OK for the client but
the switches in between the router and the client will not learn the virtual
MAC. This will work in a ³normal² switched network but will fail in a TPSDA
network where all L2 devices will not learn the virtual MAC. In this case
the network is built upon Alcatel iSAM FTTU and because all CARP-messages is
broadcast they will not learn the virtual MAC.

Is it possible to tweak CARP to use the virtual MAC in L2 header instead of
the physical interface MAC? Could this be implemented as a feature
controlled by a sysctl?


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