ixgbe vs mxge

Andrew Snow andrew at modulus.org
Sun Nov 2 15:51:59 PST 2008

Jack Vogel wrote:
> Hopelessly neglected and broken?? ...the driver is maintained by
> me, and I am in the same organization as the developers of the
> Linux driver.  

Hi Jack,

Of course, most people in the community use the fruit of your labours on 
a daily basis and are pleased with the results.

I have deployed many Pro/1000 cards at home and work using the em driver 
with great success, and I thank you again for your efforts in improving 
the state of the FreeBSD driver.

I am curious about the ixgbe driver as I have never had a chance to play 
with any 10G hardware: is it as fast and reliable as the em-based 1G 

- Andrew

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