Understanding the interplay of ipfw, vlan, and carp

Max Laier max at love2party.net
Tue Mar 4 14:21:03 PST 2008

Am Di, 4.03.2008, 22:51, schrieb Freddie Cash:
> The lack of a "carpdev" option to directly link a carp device to an
> interface (similar to "vlandev" for vlan(4)) is what's really tripping me
> up.  It appears the carp(4) driver looks at all the interfaces in the box
> to find one with an IP in the same subnet as the carp IP and then uses
> that as the physical device.

You could try the attached patch.  It adds carpdev support.  You'll have
to recompile ifconfig to make use of it.

This patch has some shortcomings that I wanted to address for a long time
now, but never found the time to do so.  Mostly that IPv6 over CARP is
broken with this patch.  Everything else is supposed to work and I'd like
to hear if you experience otherwise (success stories welcome, too).  This
is from back in early January, but should apply to RELENG_7 and HEAD w/o
too much trouble.

Any feedback appreciated!

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