ath using hostap sets MTU to 2290

John T. Yocum jtyocum at
Tue Jul 29 19:00:50 UTC 2008


I have a system running pfSense, which is built on top of FreeBSD  
7.0-RELEASE-p3. In the system I have an Atheros wireless card, which  
when I enable hostap, changes it's MTU to 2290. If an explanation is  
listed on a man page, I apologize, I did try searching.

Any ideas why this might happen? It doesn't appear to be a pfSense  
issue, as it appears their code actually tries to set the MTU to 1500.

Only reason I ask here, is I noticed in my searching on Google, I  
noticed others that aren't running pfSense have their MTU set to 2290.

Thank you,

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