Julian Elischer julian at
Thu Jul 24 15:33:35 UTC 2008

Igor Sysoev wrote:
> Julian, thank you for FIB. I have tried in on FreeBSD-7.
> I've found that ipfw does not know about setfib:
> ipfw: invalid action setfib

Oh I have not finished MFC..
will finish today..

the svn server crashed last night .. :-/
(or at least went very strange) while I was working on this so I
went to bed.

> Therefore I've added missing part from CURRENT.
> Then I have tried the following configuration:
> vlan1:
> vlan2:
> route add default
> setfib 1 route add default
> ipfw add setfib 1 ip from any to any in via vlan2
> I expected that outgoing packets of TCP connection established
> via vlan2 will be routed to, but this did not happen.
> The packets went to via vlan1:

no, while this doesmake sense, the fib is only used for outgoing
packets and the fib of local sockets is set by the process that opens 
the socket. (either with setfib(2) or sockopt(SETFIB))

I was thinking that it might be possible to tag a socket to accept the 
fib of the packet coming in, but if we do this, we should decide
API to label a socket in this way..

It is a n execellent idea however, and I don't know why I didn't
do it already..

> tcp4       0      0   XXXXXXXXXX      SYN_RCVD
> tcp4       0      0   XXXXXXXXXX      SYN_RCVD
> tcp4       0      0   XXXXXXXXXX      SYN_RCVD
> Can TCP connection inherit FIB from first SYN packet or not ?

no but it is a good idea.


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