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Critical problems
Serious problems

S Tracker      Resp.      Description
o kern/27474   net        [ipf] [ppp] Interactive use of user PPP and ipfilter c
o kern/35442   net        [sis] [patch] Problem transmitting runts in if_sis dri
a kern/38554   net        [patch] changing interface ipaddress doesn't seem to w
s kern/39937   net        ipstealth issue
s kern/77195   net        [ipf] [patch] ipfilter ioctl SIOCGNATL does not match 
o kern/79895   net        [ipf] 5.4-RC2 breaks ipfilter NAT when using netgraph 
s kern/81147   net        [net] [patch] em0 reinitialization while adding aliase
o kern/86103   net        [ipf] Illegal NAT Traversal in IPFilter
s kern/86920   net        [ndis] ifconfig: SIOCS80211: Invalid argument [regress
o kern/87521   net        [ipf] [panic] using ipfilter "auth" keyword leads to k
o kern/92090   net        [bge] bge0: watchdog timeout -- resetting
f kern/92552   net        A serious bug in most network drivers from 5.X to 6.X 
o kern/95288   net        [pppd] [tty] [panic] if_ppp panic in sys/kern/tty_subr
o kern/98978   net        [ipf] [patch] ipfilter drops OOW packets under 6.1-Rel
o kern/101948  net        [ipf] [panic] Kernel Panic Trap No 12 Page Fault - cau
f kern/102344  net        [ipf] Some packets do not pass through network interfa
o bin/105925   net        problems with ifconfig(8) and vlan(4) [regression]
s kern/105943  net        Network stack may modify read-only mbuf chain copies
o kern/106316  net        [dummynet] dummynet with multipass ipfw drops packets 
o kern/106438  net        [ipf] ipfilter: keep state does not seem to allow repl
o kern/108542  net        [bce]: Huge network latencies with 6.2-RELEASE / STABL
o bin/108895   net        pppd(8): PPPoE dead connections on 6.2 [regression]
o kern/109308  net        [pppd] [panic] Multiple panics kernel ppp suspected [r
o kern/109733  net        [bge] bge link state issues [regression]
o kern/112528  net        [nfs] NFS over TCP under load hangs with "impossible p
o kern/112686  net        [patm] patm driver freezes System (FreeBSD 6.2-p4) i38
o kern/112722  net        [udp] IP v4 udp fragmented packet reject
o kern/113842  net        [ip6] PF_INET6 proto domain state can't be cleared wit
o kern/114714  net        [gre][patch] gre(4) is not MPSAFE and does not support
o kern/114839  net        [fxp] fxp looses ability to speak with traffic
o kern/115239  net        [ipnat] panic with 'kmem_map too small' using ipnat
o kern/116077  net        [ip] [patch] 6.2-STABLE panic during use of multi-cast
o kern/116185  net        [iwi] if_iwi driver leads system to reboot
o kern/116328  net        [bge]: Solid hang with bge interface
o kern/116747  net        [ndis] FreeBSD 7.0-CURRENT crash with Dell TrueMobile 
o kern/116837  net        [tun] [panic] [patch] ifconfig tunX destroy: panic
o kern/117043  net        [em] Intel PWLA8492MT Dual-Port Network adapter EEPROM
o kern/117271  net        [tap] OpenVPN TAP uses 99% CPU on releng_6 when if_tap
o kern/117423  net        [vlan] Duplicate IP on different interfaces
o kern/117448  net        [carp] 6.2 kernel crash [regression]
o kern/118880  net        [ip6] IP_RECVDSTADDR & IP_SENDSRCADDR not implemented 
o kern/119225  net        [wi] 7.0-RC1 no carrier with Prism 2.5 wifi card [regr
o kern/119345  net        [ath] Unsuported Atheros 5424/2424 and CPU speedstep n
o kern/119361  net        [bge] bge(4) transmit performance problem
o kern/119945  net        [rum] [panic] rum device in hostap mode, cause kernel 
o kern/120130  net        [carp] [panic] carp causes kernel panics in any conste
o kern/120266  net        [panic] gnugk causes kernel panic when closing UDP soc
o kern/120304  net        [netgraph] [patch] netgraph source assumes 32-bit time
o kern/120966  net        [rum] kernel panic with if_rum and WPA encryption
o kern/121080  net        [bge] IPv6 NUD problem on multi address config on bge0
o kern/121181  net        [panic] Fatal trap 3: breakpoint instruction fault whi
o kern/121298  net        [em] [panic] Fatal trap 12: page fault while in kernel
o kern/121437  net        [vlan] Routing to layer-2 address does not work on VLA
o kern/121555  net        [panic] Fatal trap 12: current process = 12 (swi1: net
o kern/121624  net        [em] [regression] Intel em WOL fails after upgrade to 
o kern/121872  net        [wpi] driver fails to attach on a fujitsu-siemens s711
o kern/121983  net        [fxp] fxp0 MBUF and PAE
o kern/122033  net        [ral] [lor] Lock order reversal in ral0 at bootup [reg
o kern/122058  net        [em] [panic] Panic on em1: taskq
o kern/122082  net        [in_pcb] NULL pointer dereference in in_pcbdrop
o kern/122195  net        [ed] Alignment problems in if_ed
f kern/122252  net        [ipmi] [bge] IPMI problem with BCM5704 (does not work 
o kern/122290  net        [netgraph] [panic] Netgraph related "kmem_map too smal
o kern/122427  net        [apm] [panic] apm and mDNSResponder cause panic during
o kern/122551  net        [bge] Broadcom 5715S no carrier on HP BL460c blade usi
o kern/122685  net        It is not visible passing packets in tcpdump
o kern/122743  net        [panic] vm_page_unwire: invalid wire count: 0
o kern/122772  net        [em] em0 taskq panic, tcp reassembly bug causes radix 
f kern/122794  net        [lagg] Kernel panic after brings lagg(8) up if NICs ar
f conf/122858  net        [nsswitch.conf] nsswitch in 7.0 is f*cked up
o kern/122954  net        [lagg] IPv6 EUI64 incorrectly chosen for lagg devices
o kern/122989  net        [swi] [panic] 6.3 kernel panic in swi1: net
o kern/123066  net        [ipsec] [panic] kernel trap with ipsec
o kern/123160  net        [ip] Panic and reboot at sysctl kern.polling.enable=0
f kern/123172  net        [bce] Watchdog timeout problems with if_bce
f kern/123200  net        [netgraph] Server failure due to netgraph mpd and dhcp
o conf/123330  net        [nsswitch.conf] Enabling samba wins in nsswitch.conf c
o kern/123347  net        [bge] bge1: watchdog timeout -- linkstate changed to D
o kern/123429  net        [nfe] [hang] "ifconfig nfe up" causes a hard system lo
o kern/123463  net        [ipsec] [panic] repeatable crash related to ipsec-tool
o bin/123465   net        [ip6] route(8): route add -inet6 <ipv6_addr> -interfac
o kern/123559  net        [iwi] iwi periodically disassociates/associates [regre
o kern/123603  net        [tcp] tcp_do_segment and Received duplicate SYN
o kern/123617  net        [tcp] breaking connection when client downloading file
o bin/123633   net        ifconfig(8) doesn't set inet and ether address in one 
o kern/123796  net        [ipf] FreeBSD 6.1+VPN+ipnat+ipf: port mapping does not
o kern/123881  net        [tcp] Turning on TCP blackholing causes slow localhost
o kern/123968  net        [rum] [panic] rum driver causes kernel panic with WPA.
o kern/124021  net        [ip6] [panic] page fault in nd6_output()
o kern/124127  net        [msk] watchdog timeout (missed Tx interrupts) -- recov
o kern/124753  net        [ieee80211] net80211 discards power-save queue packets
o kern/124904  net        [fxp] EEPROM corruption with Compaq NC3163 NIC
o kern/125079  net        [ppp] host routes added by ppp with gateway flag (regr
f kern/125195  net        [fxp] fxp(4) driver failed to initialize device Intel 

94 problems total.

Non-critical problems

S Tracker      Resp.      Description
o conf/23063   net        [PATCH] for static ARP tables in
o kern/34665   net        [ipf] [hang] ipfilter rcmd proxy "hangs".
s bin/41647    net        ifconfig(8) doesn't accept lladdr along with inet addr
o kern/54383   net        [nfs] [patch] NFS root configurations without dynamic 
s kern/60293   net        FreeBSD arp poison patch
o kern/64556   net        [sis] if_sis short cable fix problems with NetGear FA3
o kern/70904   net        [ipf] ipfilter ipnat problem with h323 proxy support
o kern/77273   net        [ipf] ipfilter breaks ipv6 statefull filtering on 5.3
o kern/77913   net        [wi] [patch] Add the APDL-325 WLAN pccard to wi(4)
o kern/78090   net        [ipf] ipf filtering on bridged packets doesn't work if
o bin/79228    net        [patch] extend arp(8) to be able to create blackhole r
o kern/91594   net        [em] FreeBSD > 5.4 w/ACPI fails to detect Intel Pro/10
s kern/91777   net        [ipf] [patch] wrong behaviour with skip rule inside an
o kern/93378   net        [tcp] Slow data transfer in Postfix and Cyrus IMAP (wo
o kern/95267   net        packet drops periodically appear
o kern/95277   net        [netinet] [patch] IP Encapsulation mask_match() return
o kern/100519  net        [netisr] suggestion to fix suboptimal network polling
o kern/102035  net        [plip] plip networking disables parallel port printing
o conf/102502  net        [patch] ifconfig name does't rename netgraph node in n
o conf/107035  net        [patch] bridge interface given in rc.conf not taking a
o kern/109470  net        [wi] Orinoco Classic Gold PC Card Can't Channel Hop
o kern/112179  net        [sis] [patch] sis driver for natsemi DP83815D autonego
o bin/112557   net        [patch] ppp(8) lock file should not use symlink name
o kern/114915  net        [patch] [pcn] pcn (sys/pci/if_pcn.c) ethernet driver f
o bin/116643   net        [patch] [request] fstat(1): add INET/INET6 socket deta
o bin/117339   net        [patch] route(8): loading routing management commands 
o kern/118727  net        [netgraph] [patch] [request] add new ng_pf module
a kern/118879  net        [bge] [patch] bge has checksum problems on the 5703 ch
o bin/118987   net        ifconfig(8): ifconfig -l (address_family) does not wor
o kern/119432  net        [arp] route add -host <host> -iface <nic> causes arp e
f kern/119516  net        [ip6] [panic] _mtx_lock_sleep: recursed on non-recursi
o kern/119617  net        [nfs] nfs error on wpa network when reseting/shutdown
o kern/119791  net        [nfs] UDP NFS mount of aliased IP addresses from a Sol
o kern/120232  net        [nfe] [patch] Bring in nfe(4) to RELENG_6
o kern/120566  net        [request]: ifconfig(8) make order of arguments more fr
o kern/121257  net        [tcp] TSO + natd  -> slow outgoing tcp traffic
o kern/121443  net        [gif] LOR icmp6_input/nd6_lookup
o kern/121706  net        [netinet] [patch] "rtfree: 0xc4383870 has 1 refs" emit
s kern/121774  net        [swi] [panic] 6.3 kernel panic in swi1: net
o kern/122068  net        [ppp] ppp can not set the correct interface with pptpd
o kern/122295  net        [bge] bge Ierr rate increase (since 6.0R) [regression]
o kern/122319  net        [wi] imposible to enable ad-hoc demo mode with Orinoco
o kern/122697  net        [ath] Atheros card is not well supported
o kern/122780  net        [lagg] tcpdump on lagg interface during high pps wedge
f kern/122839  net        [multicast] FreeBSD 7 multicast routing problem
o kern/122928  net        [em] interface watchdog timeouts and stops receiving p
o kern/123892  net        [tap] [patch] No buffer space available
p kern/123961  net        [vr] [patch] Allow vr interface to handle vlans
o bin/124004   net        ifconfig(8): Cannot assign both an IP and a MAC addres
o kern/124160  net        [libc] connect(2) function loops indefinitely
o kern/124341  net        [ral] promiscuous mode for wireless device ral0 looses
o kern/124609  net        [ipsec] [panic] ipsec 'remainder too big' panic with p
o kern/124767  net        [iwi] Wireless connection using iwi0 driver (Intel 220
o kern/125181  net        [ndis] [patch] with wep enters kdb.enter.unknown, pani
o kern/125239  net        [gre] kernel crash when using gre
o kern/125258  net        [socket] socket's SO_REUSEADDR option does not work
f kern/125502  net        [ral] ifconfig ral0 scan produces no output unless in 

57 problems total.

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