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Le 20-juil.-08 à 21:49, Julian Elischer a écrit :

> Luigi Iannone wrote:
>> Hi,
>>> A word about the implementation.  The interception mechanism for  
>>> LISP tunneled packets in ip_input/forward is *horrible*!  Some of  
>>> that is due to the design, but I believe it can be implemented  
>>> much cleaner if you were to use the pfil(9) API.  I'd really like  
>>> to avoid putting this kind of stuff into the main ip code as it  
>>> hurts readability a lot.
>> Thanks for the hint I'll get a look at that.
> my head hurts after reading that :-)
> I think I only 'got' half of it..
> I'll read it again later..
> The aim of this is to reduce routing table size and allow multihoming
You got it.

> with the destination being able to suggest to a remote sight how to  
> route back to it right?

or at least suggest where to go through ...


>> Cheers
>> Luigi
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