FreeBSD NAT-T patch integration [CFR/CFT]

Larry Baird lab at
Sat Jul 19 01:40:53 UTC 2008


> The main difference from the patches floating around are in the 
> ctloutput path (adding proper locking for HEAD) and decap of ESP-in-UDP 
> frames.  Assuming folks are ok w/ these changes I'll commit to HEAD.  
> Once this stuff goes in we can look at getting the user-mode mods into 
> the tree.
Didn't get the free time I thought I would have today.  Hopefully over
the weekend I will get time to finish reviewing the patch.  I have
attached the patch against head for ipsec_mbuf.c.  Now that FreeBSD has
a svn respository, creating diffs against head is trivial. (-:


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