too many open file descriptors messages since bind 9.4.2-P1 (port dns94)

Thomas Vogt freebsdlists at
Thu Jul 17 06:52:19 UTC 2008

Am 15.07.2008 um 22:59 schrieb JINMEI Tatuya / 神明達哉:

> At Tue, 15 Jul 2008 22:54:11 +0200,
> Thomas Vogt <freebsdlists at> wrote:
>>>> Since i updated my FreeBSD 6.3 dns server with the latest bind
>>>> version
>>>> in the ports (dns/bind94) my system is flooding my log with "too  
>>>> many
>>>> open file descriptors" messages.
>>>> Is there something i can do?
>>> How many sockets is named actually using while it makes this log
>>> message?  Try, e.g,
>>> % sockstat | grep named | wc -l
>> Not that many:
>> sockstat | grep named | wc -l
>>      996
> Ah, it's actually quite a lot in this context:-)
> If that's regularly happening, I'm afraid recent P1 versions don't
> handle that well, and recommend you try 9.4.3b2 ore 9.5.1b1.

I installed 9.4.3b2. I haven't seen any "too many open file  
descriptors" messages so far.

"sockstat | grep named | wc -l" shows me much less listen bind  
versions. During the whole night and at this early time in the morning  
we just have 40-150 open binds.  Maybe all our customers are enjoying  
their summer hollydays or 9.4.3b2 handels it much better.


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