Freebsd IP Forwarding performance (question, and some info) [7-stable, current, em, smp]

Ingo Flaschberger if at
Thu Jul 3 10:52:19 UTC 2008

Dear Paul,

> Tomorrow comes opteron 2222 so it's 1ghz faster than this one, and I can see 
> if it scales directly with cpu speed or what happens.

can you send me a lspci -v?

> I did another SMP test with an interesting results. I took one of the cpus 
> out of the machine, so it was just left with a single 2212 (dual core)
> and it performed better.  Less contention I suppose?

in smp locking is a performance killer.

My next "router" appliance will be:

Kind regards,
 	Ingo Flaschberger

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