Freebsd IP Forwarding performance (question, and some info) [7-stable, current, em, smp]

Paul paul at
Tue Jul 1 16:08:23 UTC 2008

I am going to.. I have an opteron 270 dual set up on 32 bit and the 2212 
is set up on 64 bit :)
Today should bring some 32 bit results as well as etherchannel results.

Ingo Flaschberger wrote:
> Dear Paul,
>> Dual Opteron 2212, Recompiled kernel with 7-STABLE and removed a lot 
>> of junk in the config, added
>> options         NO_ADAPTIVE_MUTEXES   not sure if that makes any 
>> difference or not, will test without.
>> Used ULE scheduler, used preemption, CPUTYPE=opteron in /etc/make.conf
>> 7.0-STABLE FreeBSD 7.0-STABLE #4: Tue Jul  1 01:22:18 CDT 2008 amd64
>> Max input rate .. 587kpps?   Take into consideration that these 
>> packets are being forwarded out em1 interface which
>> causes a great impact on cpu usage.  If I set up a firewall rule to 
>> block the packets it can do over 1mpps on em0 input.
> would be great if you can also test with 32bit.
> what value do you have at net.inet.ip.intr_queue_maxlen?
> kind regards,
>     Ingo Flaschberger

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