altq on vlan

Max Laier max at
Tue Jul 1 13:34:47 UTC 2008

On Tuesday 01 July 2008 15:21:35 Sergey Matveychuk wrote:
> Max Laier wrote:
> > Now please ... let this die, it's stupid!
> I wrote the patch for *very* specific purpose. I've never want to ask
> commit it and I did not think it'll be use someone seriously.
> Sorry for touching your religious sense :)

Sorry for the harsh language.  It's just that this comes up every other 
month and (unexperienced) users might be using the patch without clue - 
hence I wanted to have some kind of "DON'T DO THIS UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT 
YOU ARE DOING" recorded in this thread - I hope that google will help 
people to actually find it.

Would you mind adding some words to that effect to your patch?

And yes, the patch has some value in some situations, but most certainly 
not in the general case.

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