Freebsd IP Forwarding performance (question, and some info) [7-stable, current, em, smp]

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Tue Jul 1 02:05:06 UTC 2008

At 08:43 PM 6/30/2008, Wilkinson, Alex wrote:
>     0n Mon, Jun 30, 2008 at 03:44:48PM -0400, Mike Tancsa wrote:
>     >OK, I setup 2 boxes on either end of a RELENG_7 box from about May
>     >7th just now, to see with 2 boxes blasting across it how it would
>     >work.  *However*, this is with no firewall loaded and, I must enable
>     >ip fast forwarding. Without that enabled, the box just falls over.
>What is "ip fast forwarding" ?


  * ip_fastforward gets its speed from processing the forwarded packet to
  * completion (if_output on the other side) without any queues or netisr's.
  * The receiving interface DMAs the packet into memory, the upper half of
  * driver calls ip_fastforward, we do our routing table lookup and directly
  * send it off to the outgoing interface, which DMAs the packet to the
  * network card. The only part of the packet we touch with the CPU is the
  * IP header (unless there are complex firewall rules touching other parts
  * of the packet, but that is up to you). We are essentially limited by bus
  * bandwidth and how fast the network card/driver can set up receives and
  * transmits.
  * We handle basic errors, IP header errors, checksum errors,
  * destination unreachable, fragmentation and fragmentation needed and
  * report them via ICMP to the sender.
  * Else if something is not pure IPv4 unicast forwarding we fall back to
  * the normal ip_input processing path. We should only be called from
  * interfaces connected to the outside world.
  * Firewalling is fully supported including divert, ipfw fwd and ipfilter
  * ipnat and address rewrite.
  * IPSEC is not supported if this host is a tunnel broker. IPSEC is
  * supported for connections to/from local host.
  * We try to do the least expensive (in CPU ops) checks and operations
  * first to catch junk with as little overhead as possible.
  * We take full advantage of hardware support for IP checksum and
  * fragmentation offloading.
  * We don't do ICMP redirect in the fast forwarding path. I have had my own
  * cases where two core routers with Zebra routing suite would send millions
  * ICMP redirects to connected hosts if the destination router was not the
  * default gateway. In one case it was filling the routing table of a host
  * with approximately 300.000 cloned redirect entries until it ran out of
  * kernel memory. However the networking code proved very robust and it didn't
  * crash or fail in other ways.

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