CFT: new trunk(4)

Andrew Thompson thompsa at
Thu Mar 29 23:55:22 UTC 2007


Here is a patch to add OpenBSD's trunk(4) interface, and also includes
LACP support which came from agr(4) on NetBSD.  Im interested in anyone
who wants to test this and in particular lacp mode if you have a switch
that supports it.

The procedure to build this is (on an recent current)
 cd /usr/src
 patch -p0 < if_trunk-20070330b.diff
 build kernel and world...
 install kernel and world...

To create a lacp trunk
 ifconfig trunk0 create
 ifconfig trunk0 up
 ifconfig trunk0 trunkproto lacp
 ifconfig trunk0 trunkport fxp0
 ifconfig trunk0 trunkport fxp1

ifconfig will show you the status of the trunk, for lacp the port will
be forwarding when it reaches COLLECTING and DISTRIBUTING. There are
other trunk modes failover,loadbalance and roundrobin (see the man

Any feedback would be great.


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