Mpd-4.2 released.

Alexander Motin mav at
Thu Jun 28 02:27:50 UTC 2007

Mike Tancsa wrote:
> 	How does MPD perform terminating L2TP connections, ie as an
> LNS ?  

What do you mean by how? IMO possible ansers: well, fast, using 
ng_ksockat and ng_l2tp nodes, alike PPTP, ... Choose any. :)

> Can it also terminate a few hundred L2TP connections as
> efficiently as PPPoE connections ?

I have not used it in production, but think it's efficiency should be 
close to PPTP's one, as they are relatives. PPPoE is some more efficient 
by it's nature as it works on lower protocol layer - Ethernet instead of 

Alexander Motin

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