Mpd-4.2 released.

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Ovi wrote:
> I am not very familiar with BGP (but I will learn), my question is: did
> you use multiple pppoe servers with different subnet for every pppoe
> server,
> or you have high availability with every serverer giving IPs from the
> same pool of addresses. I am using Radius, and I would like to have
> configured the
> pppoe servers the same way, so if I would need more power, I would add
> another server, that would offer pppoe connections from the same pool,
> using the same
> radius server as everyone. I think if bgp sessions are estabilished
> between router and pppoe servers, every pppoe server would have his own
> subnet of addresses
> to give to users, which is not good, it will be interesting every pppoe
> server to accept all users. So not have pppoeserve1 for 100 customers,
> pppoeserv2 for another 100 customers and so on.

Due to firmware problems of some ADSL modems we use I am currently
limited with having only one PPPoE server per vlan. But all of my
servers is completely identical except their external IP and hostname.

All ip pool management implemented by RADIUS server so when one of
servers is going down it's clients easily routed to the backup one by
simple switch reconfiguration.

> The second issue I've encountered , on my setup I've connected router to
> two pppoe servers, and on pppoe servers decond network card of both
> pppoe servers
> was connected to our LAN. Because all users from lan already have setup
> pppoe on their workstations, I wanted to transparently for them make
> this system work.
> So, I setup both pppoe servers with the same name (same hostname), and
> also the service name is *.  Still the load is not balanced, most of the
> users connect to one server, and only few of them to the other. It is a
> posibility that the fastest pppoe server who answer to establish the
> connection with user?

When there several PPPoE servers in segment then client will receive
several PADO responses. After that it is free to choose among them.
Algorithm of that choosing is not defined. Usually the first reply is
used, but if not much relations with router load. Only when there is no
free link mpd will stop sending replies.

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