Mpd-4.2 released.

Miroslav Slavkov miroslav at
Wed Jun 27 12:03:49 UTC 2007

Maxim Zenin did some effort to create such templates. His work was done on 3.18 version of mpd mainly for PPPoE server usage.
You can see his work at
It may be useful for the future development.


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On Wednesday, 27 June 2007 at  2:25:22 +0300, Alexander Motin wrote:
  > Nikolay Pavlov wrote:
  > >This is probably a new feature request, but is this possible to create
  > >some kind of VirtualTemplate interface like it is in Cisco access
  > >routers. Currently i have to configure bunch of different ng interfaces
  > >for every kind user. However on my Cisco 7206VXR i can bundle physical
  > >link together with VirtaulTemplate interface in one vpdn-group config
  > >like this:
  > >And all the ppp interfaces for all users will use this configuration
  > >as a template.
  > Yes, I am thinking about that. That is not trivial change. It will require changing all internal model from static to the dynamic one. But that change also should give many other 
  > bonuses so I would like to try.
  > One of problems is more or less new config file syntax required. I have very limited cisco experience, so it is difficult for me to adopt their model to mpd, but I would not like 
  > to reinvent a wheel. I will be grateful for any ideas/examples of how do you see that.
  > -- 
  > Alexander Motin
  I think you can get a basic idea from this manual:
  It's a LAC-LNS scenario.
  Another examples could be found here:
  Also i forgot to mension it would be cool to see STAC compression support in
  future versions. Here in Ukraine we have at least one big telco that
  support it -
  - Best regards, Nikolay Pavlov. <<<-----------------------------------    
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