watchdog timeout problem with freebsd 6.2-stable and v6.4.1 if_em driver

Jack Vogel jfvogel at
Mon Jun 25 16:55:24 UTC 2007

On 6/24/07, Andrew Snow <andrew at> wrote:
> Jack Vogel wrote:
> >> After medium-heavy traffic, the NIC locks up completely and no traffic
> >> passes for a long time, perhaps longer than half an hour.
> >>
> >> Then, it recovers and prints this to syslog:
> >> em0: watchdog timeout -- resetting
> >> em0: link state changed to DOWN
> >> em0: link state changed to UP
> >>
> > If you search thru the email archives you will find that
> > I have posted a DOS patcher that fixes the problem.
> > Search on 82573, if you have a problem let me know.
> Thanks Jack, the patch fixed the problem for me.
> I found it quite hard to find the patch to download, so I took the
> liberty of posting an article about it for posterity, including
> instructions and download link, I hope thats OK.

Glad to hear it worked. Thanks for the article, anything
that helps get the word out is great.


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