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Mon Jun 25 09:30:16 UTC 2007

On Mon, 25 Jun 2007, blue wrote:

> I have read the manual page for fast_ipsec and ipsec. However, the man page 
> for fast_ipsec on FreeBSD-6.1Release said currently fast_ipsec does not 
> support IPv6. However, I thought it could properly deal with IPv6 packets 
> after tracing code. Could fast_ipsec support IPv6? Another problem is: if the

yes, after you apply the patches that were posted the last weeks on
this list and will be committed to HEAD shortly.

> only difference between fast_ipsec and ipsec is about crypto acceleration, 
> why fast_ipsec needs to modify a bunch of files (including ip6_input, 
> ip6_output, ip6_forward, ..., etc.), not only the encap/decap part?

If an ipv6 packet arrives that uses IPSec transport or tunnel mode,
how should it be dispatched to ipsec processing if there were no

Quite a bit of the code is there make it possible to interchange the
ipsec implementations.
Parts of that will go away too.

> The function, key_output(), which is defined in netkey\keysock.c, does not 
> lock Giant before key_parse(). According to the comments (see below), maybe

Ignore it. It's almost dead code. Apart from that quite a bit of the
network stack runs with GIANT compat shims still.

> Do you mean FAST_IPSEC feature will be embedded in FreeBSD-7.0 or later 
> version instead of IPSEC?

As IPSEC. Kame IPSEC will go away. Read the archives of this list;-)

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