how do you bring IPv6 live without reboot?

Bruce M. Simpson bms at
Fri Jun 22 23:39:48 UTC 2007

ghozzy wrote:
> I've found a way:
> # sysctl net.inet6.ip6.auto_linklocal=1
> # ifconfig em0 down up
> will assign link-local address to interface.
> after all required interfaces have link-local addresses,
> run /etc/rc.d/network_ipv6 start and all will be set ! :)
Well, this may work now, however, don't depend on this behaviour in 
future releases.

The fact that it does work at all is to do with how protocol domain 
attach works with struct ifnet. I am thinking that in future a lot of 
this should change, in order to avoid a number of issues we currently 
have -- this (the inability to re-attach IPv6 without taking down the 
entire interface) is one of them.


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