Issue with huge numbers of connections

Joe Holden joe at
Sun Jun 17 18:22:25 UTC 2007

M. Warner Losh wrote:
> Greetings,
> I have a friend who is having problems with a service he's running.
> He gets billions and billions of connections to this service a day.
> Somewhere between 10^8 and 10^9 connections, he notices that his
> servers lose the ability to accept new connections.  These are TCP
> connections.
> This is with FreeBSD 6.1R.  My first question is: does anybody know if
> the fixes to -current/7.0 have fixed this?  Is there a fix that can be
> back ported?  He's currently working around the problem by having a
> number of different machines that reboot in a round robin fashion, but
> would like a better solution.
> Warner
> _______________________________________________
Warner, if he hasn't done so already, have you suggested tweaking the
sysctl variables, such as:

Tweaking those may help, or he may just be exhausting available
resources, IIRC its limited to 65k connections per interface, someone
correct me if I am wrong.

Joe Holden
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