Firewalling NFS

Dave dmehler26 at
Fri Jun 15 19:06:24 UTC 2007

    I also want to firewall an nfs server. The box that it's running on uses 
pf, it's a 6.2 box. I've got tcp port 2049 open, and am not sure what else 
to open or what other daemons to start. I'm also uncertain as to whether 
FreeBSD uses nfs v3 or v4? I want to export home directories to five or six 
different linux machines, some ubuntu and most centos5 and i remember 
vaguely reading about nfs v4. If anyone has this working i'd appreciate 

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> Eygene Ryabinkin wrote:
>> NFSD binds to the port nfsd (2049) and for my -CURRENT both lockd
>> and statd have '-p' options:
>> -----
>> $ man rpc.lockd rpc.statd | grep -- -p
>>      rpc.lockd [-d debug_level] [-g grace period] [-p port]
>>      -p      The -p option allow to force the daemon to bind to the 
>> specified
>>      rpc.statd [-d] [-p port]
>>      -p      The -p option allow to force the daemon to bind to the 
>> specified
>> -----
>> Are we talking about same entities?
> I added the -p switch to mountd(8) a few years ago, as I needed to run a 
> read-only NFS server exposed to the outside world; to firewall it I needed 
> a deterministic RPC port number, which is what -p gives you. Otherwise you 
> have to rely on the TCP wrapper support built into rpcbind(8). The 
> rpc.lockd and rpc.statd daemons were recently changed to incorporate this 
> switch too, although I don't think it has been backported to the 6-STABLE 
> branch yet.
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