VLANs and routing

Ivan Voras ivoras at fer.hr
Fri Jun 15 10:56:22 UTC 2007

Peter Jeremy wrote:
> On 2007-Jun-14 01:55:20 +0200, Ivan Voras <ivoras at fer.hr> wrote:
>> But the (somewhat weird) requirements are that the vlan interface on
>> machine1 shouldn't have assigned IP address, but the second one should.
> ...
>> Is this kind of setup even supported?
> I don't see how it could be if machine1 is an IP endpoint:  In order
> to transmit a packet, it needs to put a source IP address into the
> packet - which virtually always comes from the interface.

Yes, I'm wondering about the "almost always" case. Since machine1 has 
multiple physical and vlan interfaces, shouldn't a (for example) server 
bound to one of the existing physical interfaces be able to communicate 
with machine2, provided that both machines know how to route packets to 
each other over the vlan interface without IP address?

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