IXGB driver refactoring.

Vladimir Ivanov wawa at yandex-team.ru
Thu Jun 14 17:40:48 UTC 2007

Hello, all

Pls, revise http://people.yandex-team.ru/~wawa/ixgb-6.1.0.Y5.tar.gz If 
you've interest to IXGB driver.

It is significantly altered Intel's IXGB driver.
We've fixed several big and small bugs, made some unification w/more 
developed EM - driver and also I've tried to make it more SMPable.

The driver is being developed and tested w/RELENG_6 using CX4 interface.

Feedbacks welcome


Vladimir Ivanov
Network Operations Center
OOO "Yandex"
t: +7 495 739-7000
f: +7 495 739-7070
@: noc at yandex.net (corporate)
  wawa at yandex-team.ru (personal)
www: www.yandex.ru

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