Weird "ignoring syn" problem

Andre Oppermann andre at
Wed Jun 13 06:10:38 UTC 2007

David Cornejo wrote:
> This may not be related, but I have a Soekris 4801 running CURRENT that 
> with a GENERIC kernel exhibits the behavior where TCP connects don't 
> happen.  If I switch to an old kernel config file, it works..
> This failure happens between this box and a RELENG_6 (updated last 
> week), another CURRENT box, and a Windows XP machine.
> If I ssh back into the 4801 from the console it works ok, as someone 
> earlier mentioned.
> I also have tcpdumps from the 4801 to the RELENG_6 box if anyone wants 
> to see them..

Yes please.


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