Dell server responding with two mac addresses

Tom Judge tom at
Mon Jun 4 21:18:38 UTC 2007

Fredrik Carlsson wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a rather serious problem, I have three dell server (PE1800, 
> PE2950 and SC1425) the PE1800 is running FreeBSD 6.1. The problem that I 
> have is that the PE1800 is responding with two mac adresses on the same 
> network interface, has anywone seen this before? This causes our router 
> to be confused on where to send the traffic so one of the other machines 
> can't access anything outside our router. The first thought was that 
> dells IPMI-interface would have something to do with it but after 
> disabling IPMI on all machines the problem is still there.
> Any help is appreciated.

Could you post the MAC addresses that the PE1800 is 'advertising' on the 


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