resend: multiple routing table roadmap (format fix)

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Fri Dec 28 19:02:29 PST 2007

At Fri, 28 Dec 2007 20:40:30 +0100,
Marko Zec wrote:
> The thrust behind Julian's work seems to be providing multiple 
> forwarding tables for for purposes of traffic engineering / policy 
> based routing, with a single firewall instance used as a classifier.  
> vimage-style network stack virtualization provides for more strict 
> isolation on both port and IP address space, independent firewall 
> instances, IPSEC config / state etc., and as such might be better 
> suited for providing enhanced jail-style virtual hosting environments, 
> as well as for providing virtual router "slices".
> So once we get Julian's multi-FIB stuff in the base system, I see no 
> reason why we couldn't have this functionality replicated in 
> each "vimage" instance, i.e. have multiple independent virtual 
> networking environnments, each with multiple FIBs.
> Implementationwise, my hacks currently rely on macros for conditional 
> virtualization of global variables / structs.  As long as Julian's 
> changes continue to be unconditional, i.e. without playing a similar 
> macroization game, I think integrating this code (once it hits HEAD) 
> into p4/projects/vimage should be more or less a straightforward job.

Cool, that's what I wanted to hear.


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