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Fri Dec 21 03:31:22 PST 2007

> Tue, Dec 18, 2007 at 06:20:53PM +0100, vermaden wrote:
> > > After reading this I feel that you have absolutely no packets on
> > > either interfaces when your Linux box ping FreeBSD.  But this
> > > contradicts with your previous assertion that if ICMP packet comes
> > > in on rl1, then it is reflected at rl0.  Am I missing something?
> > 
> > Yes I must mislook that, rl0 also is 'dead' while Linux box pings
> > my FreeBSD box using net on rl1.
> OK, so I feel that there are two points to check.
> 1. Firewall.  Even if you're running GENERIC, firewall thingies
>    are compiled as kernel modules and can be loaded by the startup
>    scripts.  The output of 'kldstat -v' will show what modules
>    are loaded.  BPF is run before filtering, so it sees packets
>    that firewall can drop.
> 2. Enable ICMP verbose mode in the kernel: set the variable
>    'icmpprintfs' on the top of the /sys/netinet/ip_icmp.c
>    to 1 and define ICMPPRINTFS during kernel compilation via
>    'makeoptions ICMPPRINTFS=1'.  After this you should watch for
>    kernel messages with the 'icmp' at the beginning of the line.
> Hope this helps.
> -- 
> Eygene

First of all thanks for still trying to solve my problem.

Ad 1. Firewall is not enabled/loaded,
      no firewall in kernel or as a module.

Ad 2. Thanks for that option, I will try this
      after 26.12 (after christmas) I think
      and I will post the results here.


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