Packet loss every 30.999 seconds

David G Lawrence dg at
Wed Dec 19 08:02:24 PST 2007

>    In any case, it appears that my patch is a no-op, at least for the
> problem I was trying to solve. This has me confused, however, because at
> one point the problem was mitigated with it. The patch has gone through
> several iterations, however, and it could be that it was made to the top
> of the loop, before any of the checks, in a previous version. Hmmm.

(replying to myself)

   I just found an earlier version of the patch, and sure enough, it was
to the top of the loop. Unfortunately, that version caused the system to
crash because vp was occasionally invalid after the wakeup.

   Anyway, let's see if Mark's packet loss problem is indeed related to
this code. If he does the find just after boot and immediately sees the
problem, then I would say that is fairly conclusive. He could also release
the cached vnodes by temporarily setting kern.maxvnodes=10000 and then
setting it back to whatever it was previously (probably 60000-100000).
If the problem then goes away for awhile, that would be another good


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