Packet loss every 30.999 seconds

David G Lawrence dg at
Tue Dec 18 07:22:20 PST 2007

> On Tue, 18 Dec 2007, David G Lawrence wrote:
> >>Thanks.  Have a kernel building now.  It takes about a day of uptime
> >>after reboot before I'll see the problem.
> >
> >  You may also wish to try to get the problem to occur sooner after boot
> >on a non-patched system by doing a "tar cf /dev/null /" (note: substitute
> >/dev/zero instead of /dev/null, if you use GNU tar, to disable its
> >"optimization"). You can stop it after it has gone through a 100K files.
> >Verify by looking at "sysctl vfs.numvnodes".
> Hmm, I said to use "find /", but that is not so good since it only
> looks at directories and directories (and their inodes) are not packed
> as tightly as files (and their inodes).  Optimized tar, or "find /
> -type f", or "ls -lR /", should work best, by doing not much more than
> stat()ing lots of files, while full tar wastes time reading file data.

   I have no reason to believe that just reading directories will
reproduce the problem with file vnodes. You need to open the files
and read them. Nothing else will do.


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