Spurious error from i[pf]_carp

Bruce M. Simpson bms at FreeBSD.org
Fri Dec 14 08:15:28 PST 2007

Tom Judge wrote:
> I guess that there will be more than one VRRP implementation that does 
> not generate packets with a header the same size as the carp header.
> I will look into generating a patch for this over the weekend,  
> however any thoughts/suggestions would be appreciated before I start 
> working on it.
Sounds fine to me, thanks for doing this.

It is regrettable that CARP had to come into existence in the first 
place because of the VRRP intellectual property situation, and I guess 
this is one of the turds which end up floating in everyone's midst as a 
result, if you'll pardon the analogy.


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