bikeshed for all!

Bruce M. Simpson bms at
Thu Dec 13 18:02:42 PST 2007

Julian Elischer wrote:
> What I'm implementing is, as Qing said, a form of policy based forwarding
> i.e. you can use a broad set of criteria to select a "FIB" (to use the 
> terms here) dependent on a number of criteria.
> Criteria include source socket (for local connections) which
> is derived from process information at socket creation time, or a
> socket option. Firewalls such as pf or ipfw can also select a FIB for 
> a particular incoming packet to be forwarded.

Thanks. This is exactly how I believe it should play out -- pf/ipfw/ipf 
can be used as packet classifier engines for stuff like this, as well as 
MPLS in future.


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