bikeshed for all!

Bakul Shah bakul at
Wed Dec 12 15:56:57 PST 2007

> >> and the command should be called "????"
> > 
> > We called it vhost since to all other hosts it behaved like a
> > host on a network.  In our implementation each virtual host
> > had a set of interfaces and one routing table and you could
> > actually "route" packets between these hosts among other
> > things. You could even have for routing daemons etc. on each
> > one.
> WHo's "we" ?
>  :-)

That doesn't really matter, does it?!  Anyway, it was Torrent
Networking in Maryland; long since digested by Ericsson.  We
built "high speed" routers (high speed for the late 90s) and
provided bgp, ispf, isis, etc. for a variety of network
interfaces + a Cisco compatible CLI.  vhost (& also vnet for
virtual nets between vhosts) was done mainly for testing.

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