bikeshed for all!

Julian Elischer julian at
Wed Dec 12 15:19:24 PST 2007

Mike Silbersack wrote:
> On Wed, 12 Dec 2007, Julian Elischer wrote:
>> So, I'm playing with some multiple routing table support..
>> the first version is a minimal impact version with very limited 
>> functionality.
>> It's done that way so I can put it in RELENG_6/7 without breaking ABIs 
>> (I hope).
>> Later there will be a more flexible version for-current.
>> Here's the question..
>> I need a word to use to describe the network view one is currently on..
>> e.g. if you are usinghe second routing table, you could say I've set 
>> xxx to 1
>> (0 based)..
> In the spirit of your subject, why not call them 'sheds'?
> -Mike

I can see that taking some explaining...

confused newbie: "Sheds?? why did they call them sheds?"
old hand: "Well Grasshopper, Once there was this Danish guy who ...."
[ten minutes later]
confused newbie:" HUH? "

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