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Tue Dec 11 11:59:54 PST 2007

Li, Qing wrote:
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>> Julian Elischer wrote:
>>> Li, Qing wrote:
>>>>     Last time when I sent an email to net@ for comments, I
>>>>     received only limited feedback.
>>>>     The New ARP code in my home directory on FreeFall and was 
>>>>     lasted updated on June-8-2007. It was based on then    
>>>> (7.0) and was tested to be working fine at
>>>>     that time. A bit more work would be necessary in locking
>>>>     though. I asked for code review and folks to play     with it. 
>>>> Again, the feedback was really scant.
>>>>     The code is accessible at
>>>>     The question I asked then was "should I move forward?"
>>>>     I'd be more that happy to resume and be done with it.
>>> I think that breaking the arp code from the routing code need to 
>>> proceed.
>>> I see no reason to not have reference counted links from 
>> the routes to 
>>> the arp code (for optimisation and compat reasons), but it 
>> should be 
>>> self standing.
>>> I'll look at what you have..
>> it looks very good.
>> (could do with a few more comments :-)
>> What I'm trying to do in my current project is add limited 
>> support for multiple routing tables into 6.x or at latest 7.x
>> I have a 'low impact' version that gives "limited" support.
>>  //depot/user/julian/routing/src/sys/...
>>     (userland utility not in p4 yet)
>> i.e. you can select from a small number (defined at compile 
>> time) of tables for ipv4 only.. it will do for my purposes, 
>> but should have little impact on the API/ABI. in -current the 
>> requirement for ABI compatibility is not there so I can do 
>> proper rewrite. Which I think would include a rewrite of the 
>> arp code. I like what I see in the code you have done..
>> It's a bit hard reading you code as patches, is it in P4?
> 	Sorry, the code is not in P4.
> 	I can create a tarball out of all the whole files and
> 	send it to ya if that works?

probably better for me if I make a p4 branch and apply the diffs.
then we have it in p4 :-)

> 	-- Qing
>>>>     -- Qing
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>>>>> On Tue, Dec 11, 2007 at 12:37:25AM -0800, Julian Elischer wrote:
>>>>>> I believe Qing-li (Sp?) did an arp rewrite..
>>>>> the story is a bit longer - Andre drafted the initial 
>> design, which 
>>>>> i subsequently took over and with a student, Alessandro 
>> Cerri, (I am 
>>>>> Cc-ing him) did a first implementation. This was probably 
>> around 2003.
>>>>> Then Qing-li (Sp?) took over development of that code - 
>> last i heard 
>>>>> of the code was around last summer.
>>>>> I think our code at least was based on 4.x so it probably did not 
>>>>> address locking very much (not sure how the routing code 
>> is locked 
>>>>> these days, anyways).
>>>>> Alessandro is actually around again playing with FreeBSD 
>> so he may 
>>>>> remember more details (it was his thesis, after all!)
>>>>> cheers
>>>>> luigi
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