using lagg(4) with something other than IFT_ETHER

Eugene Grosbein eugen at
Sun Dec 2 09:02:43 PST 2007


There is a code in src/net/if_lagg.c, lagg_port_create():

/* XXX Disallow non-ethernet interfaces (this should be any of 802) */                               
   if (ifp->if_type != IFT_ETHER)
       return (EPROTONOSUPPORT);

This prevents to aggregate bridges made with if_bridge(4),
their if_type is IFT_BRIDGE. Why?

My goal is to combine two distinct low-speed multihop internet channels
beetween two FreeBSD 6.2 boxes. I alredy have two gif(4) tunnels,
one per channel. I'd like to combine them to have more bandwidth.
First I've found that lagg(4) cannot combine gif(4) tunnels directly,
so I expected it would combine two if_bridge(4) interfaces but it wouldn't.
I was in hope to "convert" gif(4) to ethernet-like using if_bridge(4)...

Eugene Grosbein

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