DNS query performance

Marcelo Gardini do Amaral marcelo at registro.br
Wed Sep 13 07:15:42 PDT 2006

Hi John,

> I have not had time to fully investigate this issue but it appeared that 
> some queries from queryperf never made it out of the FreeBSD 6.1 box. When 
> I ran netstat -s -p udp I saw that that the numbers for delivered and 
> datagrams output differed by the number of queries that queryperf was 
> reporting as lost. However I am yet to figure out what this means. 

With my FreeBSD 4.11 client box the number of queries lost in the
queryperf is the same as the reported by netstat command.

I made a new test in another hardware, because with HP Blade Proliant
is impossible to add an aditional NIC: there isn't any PCI slot and
the bge interfaces are onboard.

So, I used a Dell 1750, Xeon 3.06GHz with 'bge' interfaces onboard and
an 'em' inserted in a slot, both running at 1Gbit/s. The results, for
the same zone and queries:


Server  NIC   F4.11-UP  F6.1-UP  F6.1-SMP
------  ---   --------  -------  --------

bind    bge   24846     15900    14700
        em    22703     18800    17477

nsd     bge   58948     18000    14009
        em    67454     42000    35571

In general, em has a better performance than bge. But the performance
on F6.1 is not so good if compared with F4.11, even for em
interface. This is very vivid for NSD 3.0.1 results.

On F4.11, the bge has a performance around 3 times better than
F6.1. em is at least 1.5 times better.

On F6.1, em has a performance about twice better than bge. 

On F4.11, there is no such big difference - just about 20%

With this numbers, I think I can say there are something wrong with
bge driver and also with F6.1 branch, because I didn't get similar
results, even with em NIC.


Marcelo Gardini

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