FreeBSD NAT and Windows Shares.

Emile Jackson emilejackson at
Fri Jul 29 09:02:52 GMT 2005


For some time now I have a problem with a FreeBSD NAT and I can't
find a solution. I consulted others and some came with hardware based
solutions, but I wonder if there is a software solution.

This is the situation:

We have a wired network in our building. Every apartment has a network
connection on the wall, so you just plug in your network cable. On this
network is a dhcp service to provide every machine with an ip-number.
With a dial in connection, provided by the university you can dial in
to a PPPoE service to connect to the internet.
Inside our apartment we have 2 machines: A Win2k and a winXP. Both get
an Ip adress from the dhcp, but only one can acces the internet, because
I have one dial-in account.

So I placed a FreeBSD machine, which could also provide other services like

I installed it as a NAT. Also I added the PPPoE account which makes a
TUN device. So far it works. All machines can access the internet and
retreive websites.

On the network in the building are windows shares. Provided by other users.

My question is:

Is it possible that my windows machines can acces these shares, through
the FreeBSD NAT, without installing extra hardware?

I read about SMB clients, but this only seems to work if I wanted to acces 
these shares from my FreeBSD machine.



    _________      _________
   |                |    |                |
   |  WIN2k    |    |  WINXP    |
   |  (mine)     |    |  (mine)     |
   |_________|    |_________|        
     |                |                                               
     | FreeBSD  |                                                     
     | (mine)      |                                                  
             |              |
    ______|___________________________________________|PPPoE   |
               |                        |                     |       
                    |Gateway |
          ___|_____      _____| __             __|_                   
         |                |    |               |          |DHCP|
         |  WIN2k    |    |  WINXP   |
         |                |    |               |
         |_________|    |_________|

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