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Michal Mertl mime at
Fri Jul 22 13:31:25 GMT 2005

> Currently I am going through netstat and  
> rewriting some of the functions to rely on sysctl rather than kvm.  
> The hope is to completely remove kvm from netstat, and parts that  
> solely depend on it, like the core dump analysis would be factored  
> out and moved to a more suitable place (kgdb?)

I also worked on it a bit. I didn't find a way to get the "IP interface"
statistics with a sysctl. I wrote a small patch to kernel to include it
which you may find usefull. 

Attached are the patches and a program that uses the new function. It's
used pretty similarly to if_mib. I can't find the modifications to
netstat to use it :-(.

I'also played a bit with route printing through sysctl but it's nothing
fancy. I can give you the result of this if you'd like to.

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