DNS caching example

Phil Regnauld regnauld at catpipe.net
Tue Jul 12 09:48:25 GMT 2005

Garrett Mackey (garrett.mackey) writes:
> Hi there
> Anyone got a example of how they set up their freebsd host as a 
> caching-only nameserver.
> I have followed the procedure in the handbook but am still having problems.

	Which problems ?

> I would be particularly interested in sample localhost.rev and 
> named.conf files.
    Your config would be appreciated as well.

    Globally you can configure your caching nameserver in one of two
    ways (with BIND):

    - run the server standalone and let it query the root, acting recursively
      for your clients ;

    - configure forwarders (for instance, your upstream's NS servers), and
      tell BIND to only use those.


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