ipfw+dummynet only getting half bandwidth when using routed interfaces.

vladone vladone at llwb135.servidoresdns.net
Mon Jul 11 06:51:35 GMT 2005

Hello Philip,

Monday, July 11, 2005, 9:43:39 AM, you wrote:

> Hello
> I have a working setup with ipfw+dummynet+bridge where I get proper 
> speeds but I want to have routed interfaces instead and skip the bridge.

> But when converting to routed interfaces the bandwith through the queues
> drops to half.

> This is both in 5.4-REL and RELENG_5_4 and is showing on both xl and em
> ( not that the interfaces should matter )

> The topology that work is:
> server<->bridge<->client

> The topology I want but that does not work properly is:
> server<->router<->client

> This is my conf:

> ipfw add pipe 1 ip from to any out
> ipfw add pipe 2 ip from any to in
This is happend because your pachets pass throught firewall two times.
I have same problem, and with atention u can resolv this. Separe
traffic that in or out per interface.

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