what to replace splnet in FreeBSD 5.x?

Sam Leffler sam at errno.com
Sat Jul 9 17:17:54 GMT 2005

ming fu wrote:
> Hi,
> With splnet() became a no-op in sys/systm.h
>    static __inline intrmask_t    splnet(void)        { return 0; }
> What should I use to replace the splnet?
> I have a module receiving input from both ip_input() and a device that 
> userland can write to. I guess I was cover from the ip_input() as it 
> should have the proper lock. However, I am on my own to figure out what 
> to replace the splnet() when receive from the device from the userland.  
> It uses splnet() in FreeBSD 4.x.

spl's lock execution threads.  5.x and later systems mostly lock data 
structures using mtx's (there are a very few exceptions).  Thus there 
isn't necessarily a direct replacement, you usually need to rethink your 
locking/synchronization strategy.


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