ntop binary for 5.x in existence ? (the real ntop, not the kitchen sink one...)

Joe Schmoe non_secure at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 6 01:20:18 GMT 2005


I used to use a tremendously useful and lightweight
application called ntop - which performed a very very
simple function:  it listed network users on the
machine, in terms of bandwidth, etc., like the
traditional top command displays processes.

Simple, easy, lightweight ... very useful.

I have since been alarmed and disgusted to see that
the authors have abandoned (and removed from archives,
it seems) that application, and moved on to some kind
of game or graphics program or ... something ... it's
very hard to tell what "ntop" does anymore, but it
seems to be some kind of relational database combined
with a webserver and contact management app ?  Who
knows.  They're obviously idiots.

So, does anyone have the old ntop, and a method for
compiling it successfully under FreeBSD 5.x ?

I have asked on the ntop mailing list, but apparently
it is bad form there to ask about the old, useful
product they used to work on - discussion mainly
focuses on the doom3 level editing features that they
seem to be implementing.


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