Christian Vogt chvogt at
Mon Jul 4 18:58:09 GMT 2005

Hi everybody,

just a nit in sys/netinet/tcp_input.c:tcp_xmit_timer().  A comment says:

     * srtt is stored as fixed point with 5 bits after the
     * binary point (i.e., scaled by 8).  The following magic
     * is equivalent to the smoothing algorithm in rfc793 with
     * an alpha of .875 (srtt = rtt/8 + srtt*7/8 in fixed
     * point).  Adjust rtt to origin 0.

But it should say "...(i.e., scaled by 32)".

Hope this wasn't mentioned before on this list.

- Christian

Christian Vogt, Institute of Telematics, University of Karlsruhe

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