maintainer-feedback requested: [Bug 238261] multimedia/vlc: fixes undeclared dependencies

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Bug 238261: multimedia/vlc: fixes undeclared dependencies

--- Description ---
Compiling the port with DEVELOPER=yes revealed some implicit dependencies.
Using poudriere I tried to spot all of them and fix them. Here is a short
description of the patch:

- Adds security/libgpg-error and textproc/libebml to LIB_DEPENDS.
- Defines three new options -- GSTREAMER, JPEG, OGGSPOTS -- enabled by default.
Those are necessary because otherwise the configure script will automatically
choose if enabling the corresponding features or not, making dependencies
difficult to track.
- Adds USE_GNOME=cairo when LIBSVG2 is on or NOTIFY is on.
- Adds SDL_USES=sdl since USE_SDL alone is deprecated.
- Adds dependency on audio/speexdsp when SPEEX is on.
- Adds VDPAU_USE= XORG=sm,ice,x11.

Tested successfully with poudriere on 12.0-RELEASE amd64, but since the port
has many options and my macchine is slow, I could not test all cases and I
suggest to test it more.

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