New driver for ESI Juli@ soundcard (copied from freebsd-drivers)

Алексей Палютин ap at
Mon Jun 24 14:46:20 UTC 2019

Good day everyone!

I was advised to copy this message here from freebsd-drivers at .
Hope this will be useful.


I want to share with the community a new driver for ESI Juli@ PCI soundcard.
FreeBSD already offers support for such card, but this support is very limited and device is almost unusable.
Since I like high-quality audio hardware (like Juli@ cards), time was spent writing a new, full-featured driver for it.
The proposed driver supports playback, recording, MIDI, pass-through channel, clock control, ACPI...
Also, the driver can be controlled with convenient GUI control panel, as through sysctl(8).

I hope this work was done for a reason and will be useful to someone else.

I have been using this driver successfully for some time, but there may be bugs, so more testing is required.
It would be great if there were those who wanted to download, test it, and share results.

Driver page:
Control panel page:

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